Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Quotes

to fall in love is effortless, to keep a commitment is not.
but it's worth it when u find your other half...

this lady is absolutely inspiring and brilliant!

Will you stop asking when you decided to getting married?
Asking: "Is he/she the one?"
Asking: "Can I? Can't I?"
Asking: "Now? Really?"
many of my bestfriends keep asking the same Q,
they are getting excited and afraid in the same time..
Well, you know, I've been asking the same Q to my self..
it might be simple to just fall in love, but to stay in love with him/her only,
living in the same roof, sharing the same dreams, it might get difficult to cope..

you need not only love. but to commit to that love.

I received this one from blac****** broadcast, I found it interesting (forgive me, I have to write it down in Bahasa Indonesia):
  • Di Saat kamu ingin melepaskan seseorang... ingatlah pada saat kamu ingin mendapatkannya
  • Di saat kamu mulai tidak mencintainya... ingatlah saat pertama kamu jatuh cinta padanya
  • Di saat kamu mulai bosan padanya... ingatlah selalu saat terindah bersamanya
  • Di saat kamu ingin menduakannya... bayangkan jika dia selalu setia
  • Saat kamu ingin membohonginya... ingatlah disaat dia jujur padamu

Maka kamu akan merasakan arti dia untukmu. Jangan sampai disaat dia sudah tidak ada disisimu, kamu baru menyadari semua arti dirinya untukmu.

  • Yang indah hanya sementara
  • Yang abadi adalah kenangan
  • Yang ikhlas hanya dari hati
  • Yang tulus hanya dari sanubari
  • Tidak mudah mencari yang hilang
  • Tidak mudah mengejar impian
  • Namun yang lebih sulit mempertahankan yang ada, karena walaupun tergenggam bisa terlepas juga

Ingatlah pepatah ini, "jika kamu tidak memiliki apa yang kamu sukai, maka sukailah apa yang kamu miliki saat ini"

be blessed,



Is it Just Me?

Or.. the mother earth is really really getting hotter?

It creeps me out.
Aniway, I'm really sorry for not updating this blog for so many days
So many dues from the college..
I have to prepare myself for thursday exam..

Aniway, quit talking about it!
I was in the middle of ... *hemmm, I don't know what to call it*
Remember when I told you that I was planning for holiday escape?
Well, turns out, my friend's marriage is on the same day!
Golllyy!! I don't know which one to choose..

Monday, June 14, 2010

things to do every day

Even just an hour, a minute, a second, spend your time with family.
and make it meaningful..
Hug your dad and your mom, and say: "thank you"
When you complaining anything to them, don't forget to say: "I'm sorry"
Because they are your family. your home. your soul.

Give your time to your brother or sister,
and say it meaningfully: "I love you"

We spent time at the gym last Sunday,
but we were really having fun!
We eat at Restaurant and we found the food weren't as good as it usually did, but we still shared laugh
We shared juice before we went home, and it felt so good.

Spend your time, every day with your family, with a smile..


Friday, June 4, 2010

Holiday Everyone?

Speaking about holiday, I've been thinking that I need one..
There are so many spots around the world you can travel to..
Other countries?
or just around Indonesia?
Due to "the" mid year sale, I am eager to go to the country that always held great sale..
However, instead of going abroad, I am willing to explore this country..
I remember my cousin's saying: "it's so ashamed, that Indonesian doesn't know about their own country. They always feel that going abroad is more glamorous than travelling to their own country"

Not only that, I cannot imagine how much I will spend if sale is my major destination. LOL

So? Indonesia it is.
And even when you chose to travel and exploring Indonesia,
you still have so many options to go to!
Hard to choose, eh?

Well, I am still on my progress to decide where to, when will, with whom, and other considerations. Until then, please do not go far.. stay tune! ;)