Monday, March 28, 2011

A simple guide for wedding preparation

These are the things I learn from my preparation time...

1. Prepare your mental and physics
2. Enjoy -- there will be so much fight between you and your partner, and you with your family. just enjoy it! this preparation time will teach you many things :)
3. Never forget to pray
4. Take time for yourself: contemplating, and find the meaning behind this marriage thingy
5. Smile and simply surrender. In Indonesia, we call it : pasrah :D

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

to be or not to be

Between all the things I have done, I really messed up with this one (read: this blog).
And... *ah, it's too hard to confess* .. my theses.

As my senior in college used to say,
"to be married, is the second important decision in our life"
As my best friend used to say,
"You think marriage will make you happy? You should think again."

Many girls love to think about the wedding day.
Gowns, dresses, flowers, decorations, food, venue, taking pictures, it really sounds like a never ending joy.
Hate to admit it, but, these imaginations don't stop right there.
Do you really imagine a marriage as it is?
Being one with two head which bear their own perceptions, dreams and visions is not as easy as you think.

The day is getting closer, and my best cousin (refer as my closest sister) is asking me,
"how do you feel?"

It a little bit scary to think, maybe I had missed a thing, or many things for "the" day.
Too many worries, I couldn't afford the school fund for my kids to be *ahem*
And I am still thinking about my theses.
excited? yet, I still curious what might happen..

Between tears and joy (in my preparation days), I still choose to walk on this path.
This marriage path..

"Tuhan tidak menjanjikan selalu ada hujan, tapi dia janjikan kekuatan di dalam hidupmu"
I couldn't translate this sentence perfectly. hahahah