Friday, June 4, 2010

Holiday Everyone?

Speaking about holiday, I've been thinking that I need one..
There are so many spots around the world you can travel to..
Other countries?
or just around Indonesia?
Due to "the" mid year sale, I am eager to go to the country that always held great sale..
However, instead of going abroad, I am willing to explore this country..
I remember my cousin's saying: "it's so ashamed, that Indonesian doesn't know about their own country. They always feel that going abroad is more glamorous than travelling to their own country"

Not only that, I cannot imagine how much I will spend if sale is my major destination. LOL

So? Indonesia it is.
And even when you chose to travel and exploring Indonesia,
you still have so many options to go to!
Hard to choose, eh?

Well, I am still on my progress to decide where to, when will, with whom, and other considerations. Until then, please do not go far.. stay tune! ;)



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