Thursday, October 28, 2010

prepare things

When I click this page, I become shocked..
since they write it down x months and several days to go ....
yeah, time flies by..
and I didn't use it right..

oath youth

Hey, it's oath youth day in Indonesia!
How do you celebrate this friends?
what do you wish for our beloved country, Indonesia?

I myself wish for ...
  • clean government
  • environmental-friendly governance

running government is like running a business
you have to:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

torn apart

seeing every pictures and news about my beautiful country Indonesia,
breaks my heart

Rise again my country,
don't blame others and ask our leader to do something he cannot do

let's start from us. from ourself. from I.
what can I do for the country?

#God bless Indonesia

with pray,

to you

I don't know where the future brings us
but I hope you are there with me, getting along
I love you and I miss you...


miss Ayoe

Monday, October 25, 2010

Time Management 2

If it is sunday
08:00 woke up and thinking, "what day is today? oh Sunday yeay"
08:10 cleaning up my room
08:30 in the shower -- cleaning.. ;p
08:45 get ready to the church
11:30 home -- turn on AXN -- watching CSI while lunch
12:00 prepare for a nap, but still put eyes on any shows play on TV
13:00 still watching while thinking, hmm I should really do my home work, but first, I have to sleep

Took my heart out

Last saturday, me, my bf and my friend were heading to mall, since we have 3 hours  free time before attending our college friend's wedding.
So, we decided to go sight-seeing to the mall.

There were sale of Steve Madden and the gank shoes, and I truly deeply in love with this one:

the picture is taken randomly from google -- Steve Madden Piya 2008 collection if I am not mistaken
 my fav color were nude. they are beautiful match with my tan skin (as if!!) ;-p
Love it so much, and cannot take my mind off of them! *tearing*

they are too casual for a 'partey' said my bf..
and not so formal for office days either
but they are really comfy and they took pieces of my heart already..

honey, may I? :)
I'll take the black one, if there are available in my size..


Friday, October 22, 2010


Super thank you for my team, Ciamiks for the teamwork, support and encouragement
We have this paper for last nite due.. It was fully hard work, since we didn't have any clue about the paper guidelines. Edith Aini Alvin Ari and Edyson were trying so hard to gather the concepts and facts for the paper

My team mates really teach me how to work on a team.
1. one for all and all for one -- even if someone sent a wrong hint, put it as team's mistake
2. think outside the box -- don't let limitations diminish your spirit. adapt to the limits
3. know the members' strengths -- and use them
4. put standardize on your task -- so you know which are good and which are better
5. commit.

super thank you for my Ciamik.
cannot imagine studying in PPM II without you guys


Thursday, October 21, 2010

cannot stop smiling

loooooove my new template
simple yet stylish. like me. ha.

Time Management

How do you spend your day?
Compare it with me!
It's a game, don't take it seriously..

06:00 wake up and pray ^^
06:30 then my parents found me still gluing with my blanket and pillow
06:31 get in to the shower
06:38 deciding which clothes to wear
06:45 breakfast
07:00 changes to another clothes.. comfort has to meet style (as if!!)
07:05 jump in to the car
07:06 tweet tweet and 4square (only if needed)
07:10 snooring, uhm, I mean, sleeping