Monday, July 26, 2010

Suffering but end up a happy ending

I was spending my whole week with my college mates..
Doing every duties which have to be submitted within the week..

Exhausted? Yes. Both physically and mentally..
Lack of sleeping, coming late to the office, and every day is due day..
but, I still enjoy my days aniway..
Spending time with edith and several friends in my group
Midnite snacks (it's a must! LOL)
and, email full with tasks..
oh, that's why I keep every fastfood delivery number in my cellphone...
d'uh, fast food eh? not good for your health.. :(

but, I still enjoy it aniway..

Happy Monday!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

What Makes Me Happy Today?

wake up in the morning, and following morning service

when you do something from the heart, it will fill your soul and makes you smile..
I even woke up too late for early 6.30 morning service @GKI Serpong,
but because I wanted to do it,
this simple morning service makes me smile and teach me new things about SERVICE itself.

Well, lesson learn is:
when you do something, just do it from the heart..
It might be too simple to be said, but it really hard to be done.



Tell me things make you happy, folks! :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everybody deserved to be Happy

That's the bottomline why I've decided to keep go on my vacation
And, from the first time the journey begins, I know I've made the right decision

Even if we have to looked like this! I still enjoy the journey..

everybody deserved to be happy,

and so do you..

here are the things which would make me happy...

1) Karaoke-ing

2) spending Q-time with friends or family... (both Quality and Quantity) ;)

3) travelling to many places in the world, especially INDONESIA

whatever the wheather were LOL

4) watching movies

5) and of course, considering, thinking, and deciding to another places to go to.... :)


Don't forget to make yourself happy, dearies.. :)


PS: I don't write shopping in my list, since I'm afraid to direct you, dearies, to the wrong direction.. LOL
aniway, Make yourself happy!
You're the one who able to do that, not others!
God bless us! :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getaway Holiday

It was a getaway birthday!
And my choice was right. Indonesia has really great places to go to..

You may know this place,
but maybe not all of you,
well, let me introduce you to..
Ujung Genteng! ;-)

located at West Java, Ujung Genteng has so many beaches to hit to
in front of several inns, you can see the white sand with beautiful wave just like above..
so many foreigners came to this place to do some surfing.. :-0

But, we hit another beach..
To get there, we have to...
1) ride motorbike...

2) smile to the camera (s)

3) posed while walking by the river..
eh, 3 rivers bytheway! :0

4) and enjoy the ride

hey beach!!
we love you!! ;-)

that's me, Bunga, Fuji and Jessica, the younger teen in the group ;p

this is Ombak Tujuh

so many foreigners love to do the surfing here

this is Pulau Keris (Keris Island)

and we have these Beach for our own..


can you imagine you have it only for seven of you..?

we'll hit another beach.

not very soon. but will.. LOL



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hey, Holiday?

It's just few days before my trip begins
Actually, I don't feel excited..
I went home earlier yesterday due to my low blood pressure (is that medical term? :p)
And, last week was really exhausting for me..

So, due to my coming holiday, I have to stay fit by taking vitamins.
I love beach, and I cannot wait to see one.
Please cross your fingers for me, folks, so I can really ENJOY my holiday.. ;)
thank you!

bytheway, here are some sneak preview of the beaches I want to visit..

the pictures are taken from web and my best friend's photo album. ;)