Thursday, October 21, 2010

Time Management

How do you spend your day?
Compare it with me!
It's a game, don't take it seriously..

06:00 wake up and pray ^^
06:30 then my parents found me still gluing with my blanket and pillow
06:31 get in to the shower
06:38 deciding which clothes to wear
06:45 breakfast
07:00 changes to another clothes.. comfort has to meet style (as if!!)
07:05 jump in to the car
07:06 tweet tweet and 4square (only if needed)
07:10 snooring, uhm, I mean, sleeping

08:07 'why do we stop here?' oh crap. it's traffic jam! as usual
08:30 daddy drop off, and powder-blush-gloss.. shut, my hair!
08:45 walk to my office building -- wondering, shud I go to the bank?
08:46 waiting for elevator -- waiting -- waiting
08:48 where is the elevator?
08:49 oh cute skirt.. want one.
08:51 ah. my floor.
08:52 order breakfast. noodles and tea...
08:56 opening emails.. and updating 4sq, twit, stalking..
08:59 wow. diana rikasari really inspires!
09:00 okay. lemmesee what do they want.. opening office emails.
09:10 calling calling calling -- and browsing
09:20 where is my breakfast??? hungryyyyy
09:25 browsing, calling. "I need it now. I'm waiting"

man, I am a j3**

09:30 ups it's 9:30 already? -- checking emails -- anything important? ha
09:45 still working
09:50 still working
09:59 'hey do you want coffee? let's go to the coffee shop?'
10:05 sipping coffee slowly while chatting
10:06 adding some sugar to the coffee sipping
10:10 working. browsing at the same time
10:20 updating blog (s)
10:30 check up on news
10:40 working on some requests.
11:00 argh, I have to go to the bank! -- later on.
11:30 preparing for lunch.
12:00 having lunch
12:20 oh yeah, I'm really that fast. going down stairs. magazine browsing.
13:00 upstairs
13:05 oh, the bank. -- later on.
13:10 sleeping. in my desk
13:40 hoaem... toilet time
13:48 sleeping. in toilet
14:00 damn. hungry (again???)

ok this must be stopped.
since I told everyone my bad habits.
later on.
I have to change my self first. LOL

skip a moment. boss is here.


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