Monday, March 28, 2011

A simple guide for wedding preparation

These are the things I learn from my preparation time...

1. Prepare your mental and physics
2. Enjoy -- there will be so much fight between you and your partner, and you with your family. just enjoy it! this preparation time will teach you many things :)
3. Never forget to pray
4. Take time for yourself: contemplating, and find the meaning behind this marriage thingy
5. Smile and simply surrender. In Indonesia, we call it : pasrah :D

And these are the results so far:

The Holy Matrimony
dress: Mangga Dua --yes, doll! It's less expesive, and simply gorgeous!
groom's suit: tailor at Pasar Baru
holy matrimony book: --not decided yet--
mothers of the bride and groom: kebaya tailored by Tante Nur Iman
fathers of the bride and groom: own suit

The Reception
dress: kebaya tailored by Tante Nur Iman
groom: beskap tailored by Sundjojo

Venue: one of the most antique hotel in South Jakarta :)
Decoration: Every Decoration
Entertainment: The Lazpados
MC: my auntie, who has been known as famous MC for traditional wedding
theme: simply traditional :)
invitation: Hi-print, Pasar Tebet
Souvenir: Nicola souvenir, Jatinegara
Now, I am counting the days..
Nervous? Yes, I am!


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