Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For Green Generation


We have known since couple years ago that our earth is in danger. The climate changes. The ice are melting. several islands are gone (or going to be dissapeared). yes we know all about that. but what have we done?

I was shocked with my cousin's facebook status said:
'Do not buy cellphones or gadget only for trend! Do you know where all the electrical waste go?'

not only about electrical waste, but where will all the waste go??

many of us, even me myself, like to follow the trend. trend for new gadgets. trend for fashion. yes, we are very updated indeed. don't forget the trend for green living.

But, my dearies, bringing your own shopping bag instead of using plastic bags from the store is not enough. there are more simple things we can do:

1. Always bring handkerchief anywhere you go. Use them instead of tissues. You'll save the trees

2. Always turn off the electricity if you're not using them. simple but easily forgotten

3. Always take a good care of your electronic gadget. you'll save the earth, and your money too..

4. Do some experiments DIY Project with your (own/mom's) old clothes. some trends are alway repeating

5. Always bring your tumbler with you or drink it from your own glass, instead of another plastic to waste.

Love mother earth.
She has been giving her entire life for all of us

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