Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Day to College

Yes, it's not my college-day, but I have schedule for the coming Group Project Paper..

I'll be sleeping late for two weeks. Hope everything is going to be OK, and hopefully, we can get good grades.. ^_^

Cross your fingers for me, will ya?

Aniway, I've been re-run watching That's 70 show this weekend. And I am so in love with Donna and Eric on-screen couple. It's hard for me to continue watching since I knew they will be splitting in the middle of the series... (not to mention Jackie will be dating Fez and Hyde, hmm..)

Silly me, I know this was only 'a show' but it hurts me a lot when my favourite couple is fighting and in the end, breaking up. The exact same feeling when Rachel broke up with Ross..!

Sometimes, we imagine ourself as the actor, and having the same life stories.. So, it hurts me too..
Again, you can say, silly me... :p

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