Monday, May 24, 2010

It's So True what People Say

You are what you Eat
I eat almost everything but vegetables and fruits.
That's why you can call me fatty, all fat and not healthy (hey, it rhimes! :D)

You are what you Read
I read comics and novels
That's why I'm so immature, and dreaming all the time..

But, dearies, the most important is:
you are what you think you are
I like to eat, but I'm still looking good..
I love to read comics and novels, but I'm still learning from what I read.

my life may be so ordinary as you can see
but I love it though because I'm always happy

You are what you think you are
I'd say I'm happy person
I'd say I have so many friends,
I'd say my life will be succeded
and,those are going to be happened!

God bless you


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