Monday, May 17, 2010

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2

It was Sunday nite. No one at home except me and my li'l brother.
So, I chose to watch DVDs. My last choice were Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2. I watched the first movie several years ago, and I really enjoy beaches scenery in that movie.. :)

This movie is getting more mature. Every role has their own problems, with tears, and laugh. And I found many lessons from this movie.

How to deal with Problems
I found myself become sooooo selfish if I have any problems. I become ignorant, stubborn, sensitive, insensitive (to others' feelings), and wanted everybody to understand my feelings without telling them. Tibby (Tamblyn) and Carmen (Ferrera) have the long fight in the movie because both are having problems and wanted to be understood. It's just so sad to see things become a mess only because of problems that are not as important as our bestfriends.. So, like the old saying, if you have any problem, just say: "Hey problem, I have big GOD" Yes indeed, you (and me) have Good GOD! ;)

How to maintain Friendship
Along my journey, I found many friends, who very much teach me about life. Several of them become my BFF, but not few of them just left their numbers in my contact list. Good friends are really hard to find, but I didn't do anything to keep them right by my side.. When we become older, we met new friends, and do we always maintain our friends? I hope I can spend more time with all of my friends, share the joy, share laugh and tears...

And, they still have many more lessons after all!! Enjoy this movie so much.
I love Amber Tamblyn in this movie. She's so bold, yet casual.

I wonder what does it feel to play in a movie with your own dad?

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