Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Everybody deserved to be Happy

That's the bottomline why I've decided to keep go on my vacation
And, from the first time the journey begins, I know I've made the right decision

Even if we have to looked like this! I still enjoy the journey..

everybody deserved to be happy,

and so do you..

here are the things which would make me happy...

1) Karaoke-ing

2) spending Q-time with friends or family... (both Quality and Quantity) ;)

3) travelling to many places in the world, especially INDONESIA

whatever the wheather were LOL

4) watching movies

5) and of course, considering, thinking, and deciding to another places to go to.... :)


Don't forget to make yourself happy, dearies.. :)


PS: I don't write shopping in my list, since I'm afraid to direct you, dearies, to the wrong direction.. LOL
aniway, Make yourself happy!
You're the one who able to do that, not others!
God bless us! :)

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