Monday, September 6, 2010

Lesson Learned

wow. it has been years huh? *tee hee*
I'm not going for any excuses now, folks, since I know it's all my fault not to do any update..

Last saturday, I spent time with my parents, lil brother, and bf- future husband (yeehaa!!)
We had a lot of things-to-do that Saturday, and ended with dinner at Kartika Chandra Prambanan Restaurant.
I suggest the Mongolian BBQ, it is mixed between beef, chicken, and lamb chop. Yuummmy!!

Anyhoo, on my way home with my bf, we travelled along Gandaria and headed to Pondok Indah. It was raining that night, the road was slippery, and it was 9 pm in the Ramadhan night, so the road was not very crowded. All of a sudden, there was a motorcycle rider who slipped from the road and fell over from his bike. The distance is far enough actually. But my boyfriend parked our car in front of the rider, and he was trying to help him.

Turn out, this rider were very tired, and hadn't had his breakfasting properly.
So, he couldn't see the road, and fell from his motorcycle.
There were another riders tried to help this man, and all I can think of is:
"there still a lot of people in this big crowded mean city, who are care."

Even though we know, many who are self-centered, egoistic and just don't care, but, I  saw people who are care. And one of them is my future husband.

When you do nice things, just don't think what you will receive in return.
Just do.
When you do nice things, sometimes they forget to say thank you.
Don't think about you will receive in return. Just do.

I remember one thing. It's not them, who will pay back for every good deeds you did, but God. So, do nice even better things, not for human, not for people, but for God..

I hope this can be an inspiration for all of us..
And what happened with the man?
well, we split at the crime scene as he were resting before he continues his journey home.
he didn't had bad injured, only little scars, I was offering to drive him to hospital, but he refused, and said that he only need a little rest.

you know, I was tearing all my way home, because I can't stop thinking about him..
so, I pray and let God work to bless his way home.

kisses and hugs


Miyu said...

huaaa... so sweet.. smakin yakin nih kakakku ini menerimanya didepan altar nanti. :)

missAyoe said...

bagaimanapun, simptoms kegugupan itu pasti tetap ada.. hihihihi :)