Friday, October 22, 2010


Super thank you for my team, Ciamiks for the teamwork, support and encouragement
We have this paper for last nite due.. It was fully hard work, since we didn't have any clue about the paper guidelines. Edith Aini Alvin Ari and Edyson were trying so hard to gather the concepts and facts for the paper

My team mates really teach me how to work on a team.
1. one for all and all for one -- even if someone sent a wrong hint, put it as team's mistake
2. think outside the box -- don't let limitations diminish your spirit. adapt to the limits
3. know the members' strengths -- and use them
4. put standardize on your task -- so you know which are good and which are better
5. commit.

super thank you for my Ciamik.
cannot imagine studying in PPM II without you guys


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A Cup Of Hazelnut Coffe by Edith said...

yes..i cant' image it also how life will be without ciamik

That's why i named my lovely bike with Ciamik

Ayu, Aini, Alvin, Ari and Edyson

love u so much :)