Monday, October 25, 2010

Took my heart out

Last saturday, me, my bf and my friend were heading to mall, since we have 3 hours  free time before attending our college friend's wedding.
So, we decided to go sight-seeing to the mall.

There were sale of Steve Madden and the gank shoes, and I truly deeply in love with this one:

the picture is taken randomly from google -- Steve Madden Piya 2008 collection if I am not mistaken
 my fav color were nude. they are beautiful match with my tan skin (as if!!) ;-p
Love it so much, and cannot take my mind off of them! *tearing*

they are too casual for a 'partey' said my bf..
and not so formal for office days either
but they are really comfy and they took pieces of my heart already..

honey, may I? :)
I'll take the black one, if there are available in my size..


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