Monday, October 25, 2010

Time Management 2

If it is sunday
08:00 woke up and thinking, "what day is today? oh Sunday yeay"
08:10 cleaning up my room
08:30 in the shower -- cleaning.. ;p
08:45 get ready to the church
11:30 home -- turn on AXN -- watching CSI while lunch
12:00 prepare for a nap, but still put eyes on any shows play on TV
13:00 still watching while thinking, hmm I should really do my home work, but first, I have to sleep

15:00 still watching while keep on thinking about college duties
15:05 okay, turn off the TV and then take a nap!
16:00 woke up and hungry -- tea and snack time...
17:00 cleaning the house -- or watching DVDs.. you have to understand me folks, since I have so many DVDs and don't have the time to watch them. LOL
18:00 wow, this drama series is getting interesting. -- continue watching

20:00 okay, my parents arrived. cleaning their room. oh fyi, I have to use their room to watch DVDs, since I don't have TV in my room

21:00 eating
22:00 bye bye folks, time to sleep

oh crap, I have homeworks to do
whatever, it's sunday, and I have to go to bed...

please, do not try this at home. don't end up like me! ;)

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