Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hit me

I admit. and feel guilty.
to tell you the truth, *take a deep breath and start screaming* I cannot speak English fluently with all the sophisticated vocabs you have read on all indonesian blogs *panting*

but I do look smart, don't I? hohohoho *laughing sarcastically*

this morning I answer my phone and said politely, "Thank you for calling our office, may I help you?" and when the person over there anwering in english, I became panic.
It's like I want to tell her, "I'm sorry, wha? ha? please speak louder, ma'am. I cannot hear you clearly. ha?" and hang up.. end of story.

so whatever you call our office, I will answer in English, but just talk in bahasa, since I love my country more than you think *yeah I know, you can call it - Defense Mechanism hahahah*

oh, grammar is my biggest problem of all.

I should add "learning English" on my resolution-list, or to-do-list.. :p
time to read "how to improve your English" kinda book


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