Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I am so lucky to have the opportunity visiting Medan last week.
As you know, I am half blooded- Batak, so last weekend, I- with my parents and lil bro -were on a short trip visiting Medan.

These are my luck:
1. I am able to visit Lake Toba after ten years waiting
2. found a nice surprise to spend my short holiday with my cousin. I miss her so much!
With her, my holiday feels so complete!! :))
3. I had the opportunities to eat eat eat and eat so many delicious food from Medan.
One town you have to visit if you are searching a culinary holiday is, Medan...
4. visited TB Silalahi Museum. I know this might be too ordinary for you, but because this, my (cemetery visit) journey feels like holiday
5. had a happy sunday service at GPIB Imanuel Church.. which taught me so many lessons! :)
6. bought a Levi's jeans on sale! it fit me well, and I just couldn't resist.. :p
7. Had a great family dinner to celebrate Christmas and my aunty's birthday!

So many lucks
so many stories
aren't you happy? :)

with lots and lots of love,

PS: this also a reminder for me, there are so many reasons to keep us smiling, if we just keep on counting our blessings
Praise the Lord.... ;)

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