Thursday, December 23, 2010

Jumping into Conclusion

A research found that many of citizen tried to help a white-drunken driver, instead of black-drunken driver in America. When the citizen saw some white man who drunk in the morning and tries to run their car, they were trying to stop him. But, when it comes to black male-drunken driver, they were not showing the same behavior. This lead into question, why?

the research proves that many of human being thinks under their assumptions and prejudice. Their assumptions might be based on stereotypes, and the prejudice might came from their past experience.

This behavior might lead them to wrong conclusion.

Stereotype is a common thing happens in this country.
We were jumping into conclusion when we saw people from different tribe.
Javanese people usually are kind, and they are reluctant to interfere
while the Bataks are usually more assertive and are talking what they want to say.
I am half Batak and half Java, so, this writing is fully correct. LOL

So, when we see the Batak people, usually we are prepared to see their assertiveness.
But like you always know, there are several Batak people who are not like that.
And maybe, you will meet Javanese who are more aggressive than this Bataks we are talking.

So, the stereotypes might not always true.

This jumping into conclusion behavior might lead us to wrong assumption
As it is to theses. 

My Final Paper at Bachelor Degree shows how often I thought with my prejudice and assumptions. The conclusion didn't speak my research results. And the thinking process was absurd. So I have to deal with many questions from my lecture.

Because I let my prejudice and assumptions lead my thinking.
Without seeing the proofs, I was talking as my assumptions, and so, I was failed to tell everybody how my research was done from beginning till end, in a whole complete story.

These days, my friends couldn't stop talking about theses.
At every moment, they were like asking, "what is your topic?" and I was like "no clue."
And when I asked theirs, they were telling a detailed long story about their topic and the research.

This writing is sort of anchor to reminds me not to do the same mistake.
Doing research is fantastic thing to do, since you can find many findings that will make your theses sounds BANG!
But this BANGed theses needs your thoroughness, discipline, persistance, and faith.

Have a great time writing on your theses! Have fun! :-)

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Okelah. Numpang lewat pertama kali kak.:)